Our Experience

Dr. Feldman and Dr. Lerman are senior anesthesiologists with over sixty years of combined experience. Both have served as chiefs of anesthesiology in leading academic institutions and have been involved in providing clinical care to patients, and educating medical students, residents and fellows. Drs. Feldman and Lerman are heavily invested in clinical research with numerous peer-reviewed publications, grants and textbooks in pediatric and neonatal anesthesia to their credit.    

As clinicians, they recognized the need to improve patient safety through education, research and innovative monitoring technology. Dr. Feldman recognized that the ability to monitor respiration outside of a critical care setting was not readily available. That realization led him to seek the expertise of the members of Artep Inc., which resulted in the formation of Linshom LP. The product of that collaboration is Linshom, a respiratory monitor for any person or child with respiratory problems. This monitor has been termed “a game changer” in patient safety and advanced care by unaffiliated parties who have witnessed Linshom. 

The Linshom technical team has a broad range of experience in supporting experimental groups at  universities, large scale research institutions and the military.

For over 30 years our team has produced instruments for space and for laboratory research. The  instruments for space research were launched on satellites, space shuttle flights, and sounding  rockets, while the instruments for laboratory studies are currently used in some of the largest laser  facilities in  the US and in Europe.

The Linshom technical team has years of experience in:

Software Design, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,  Materials Selection, and  Optical Design​.

​Linshom management has 28 years of operations and manufacturing experience in the chemical and  pharmaceutical industry.